A snippet about Haruna:

📍 Tokyo-based since Fall 2022
💭 Assisting the growth & branding of new ventures to normalise taboos and bring capital to underinvested businesses
📚 Download SexTech Market Analysis and Branding Guidebook here
👩‍💻 Prev. Femtech Market Analyst at fermata, Research Assistant at SexLab
🔍 Closely following Women’s Health & Wellness (Femtech), SexTech, and Mental Health
🧠 MSc Neuroscience with a research background in sexual neuropsychology
🏅 1st-gen fellow at Softbank-led MASASON Foundation & Yanai Tadashi Foundation
🏠 Born in Sapporo, matured in 7 countries. A more lengthy self-intro here.
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