SexTech Market Analysis & Branding Guidebook

Despite its recent high publicity, few SexTech market reports are readily available, perhaps due to the lack of shared definition. Existing reports examine a limited range of products and rarely explore solutions that address more holistic dimensions of sexual wellness. Moreover, they fail to cover the underlying challenges SexTech entrepreneurs encounter as they try to normalise sexual pleasure and bring products to people in need.

My undergraduate capstone work – the market analysis & branding guidebook – attempts to address this problem in three folds. Part 1 presents an overview of the SexTech market. Part 2 explores the factors that shift people’s sexual attitudes through a literature review and user research. Finally, based on the previous sections, Part 3 offers branding recommendations for early-stage SexTech startups to promote social acceptance of sex.

I believe that problems faced by the SexTech industry are a microcosm of the issues faced by the larger society. Hopefully, this piece of work makes pleasure a bit more accessible to all!

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