The long road to democratisation of pleasure: challenges faced by Sextech startups

Sextech is an emerging industry that leverages the power of technology in an attempt to enhance pleasure and sexual wellness. The current public health crisis brought a surge in demand for Sextech products, and more people than ever are experimenting with pleasure during social distancing, either solo or with partners (more on Forbes and sifted). However, one needs to understand that there are still many underlying challenges Sextech entrepreneurs face in democratising sexual pleasure and bringing their products to market. Split into two posts, Part 1 of this article focuses on social stigma pertaining to pleasure, particularly that of females, and gives an overview of recent events that characterised the primary challenges that hinder companies’ abilities to deliver their innovative products.

9 tips for university faculty to create engaging virtual classrooms

Many universities switched to online classes due to the outbreak of coronavirus in the area, and some friends reached out to me for helpful tips. To me, it’s really the structure that matters. Fortunately, the curriculum and the pedagogy at my university, Minerva Schools, is designed for online seminars in mind from the beginning. I might be missing some points, but here is the summary of the “online” elements of Minerva’s unique education that I think makes a difference. Hopefully, it will be helpful for some students & teachers who are finding it hard to get most out of the online classrooms;