SXSW2022 SexTech 登壇レポート: Will We Still Have Sex in The Future?

先月オースティンで開催された SXSW 2022 にて、”Will We Still Have Sex in The Future?” と題したパネルディスカッションにパネリストとして参加しました。


世界中の都市に移り住み、新しい情報と交錯する中で、幾度となく自分とその周りの人の価値観が塗り替えられてきた瞬間に立ち会いました。セクシャルウェルネスアイテムは、そんな自己発見を促してくれたツールの一つだったんです。今までの価値観を見直し、自分に合わないものに別れを告げ、自分に適したものを取り入れて、自分なりの新たな価値観を創りあげていく— そんな機会をもっと多くの人に与えたいと思いました。

The long road to democratisation of pleasure: challenges faced by Sextech startups

Sextech is an emerging industry that leverages the power of technology in an attempt to enhance pleasure and sexual wellness. The current public health crisis brought a surge in demand for Sextech products, and more people than ever are experimenting with pleasure during social distancing, either solo or with partners (more on Forbes and sifted). However, one needs to understand that there are still many underlying challenges Sextech entrepreneurs face in democratising sexual pleasure and bringing their products to market. Split into two posts, Part 1 of this article focuses on social stigma pertaining to pleasure, particularly that of females, and gives an overview of recent events that characterised the primary challenges that hinder companies’ abilities to deliver their innovative products.